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Bylaws, Rules and Policies:

1.1 Name and Purpose. The name and purposes of the corporation shall be as set forth in the articles of organization. The Ocean State Chess Association’s sole purpose is to organize, promote, and develop chess and chess tournaments in the State of Rhode Island.

1.2. The Ocean State Chess Association is a Non-profit corporation registered in the State of Rhode Island and shall remain current with the laws set forth in the articles of organization of the corporation. The Executive Board may change the address in Rhode Island effective upon filing a certificate with the Secretary of State in the State of Rhode Island. An annual report will be filed with the secretary of state each year.

1.3. Corporate Logo. The Executive Board may not change or adopt and alter the logo of the corporation unless by unanimous vote by the Executive Board. The Logo has been registered and Trademarked in the State of Rhode Island.

1.4. Fiscal Year. The Fiscal Year of the corporation shall, unless otherwise decided by the Executive Board, end on June 30 in each year.

1.5 Establishment and Amendments:

1.5a. These Bylaws, Rules and Policies shall be enacted by majority vote of the Executive Board.

1.5b. These Bylaws, Rules and Policies may be amended by majority vote of the Executive Board.

1.5c. These Bylaws, Rules and Policies shall be subject to all provisions of the OSCA Constitution and do not supersede any of those provisions.

2.1 Conduct of Meetings:

2.2. Meetings of Ocean State Chess Association will be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order. This provision is to provide structure in the event that a contentious issue or dispute arises during a meeting, not to impose undue formality.

2.3. A copy of Robert’s Rules of Order, shall be available at all meetings of the Executive Board and general membership if needed. If circumstances call for a ruling based on Robert’s Rules of Order, the Chair may either act as parliamentarian or may choose to appoint another member to act as parliamentarian.

2.4. At the annual meeting the membership shall elect 2 members of the board of directors.

2.5. Members are entitled to attend certain board meetings chosen by the executive board. However, the Board may choose, upon majority vote, to conduct business requiring privacy in executive session for a portion of the meeting.

3.1 The Executive board shall be comprised of the officers and two directors elected by membership.

3.2. President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary and will be selected by the Executive Board. The Executive board shall elect the President, Vice-president, Treasurer, Secretary, and any other officers the Executive board may wish to appoint.

Additional Directors/Officers: The Executive Board will choose and fill additional Positions, e.g., Webmaster, Newsletter Editor, Tournament Organizer, Member(s) at Large, Scholastic Liaison. These positions will be filled according to the Ocean State Chess Association Bylaws. The voting membership as defined can elect two (2) additional board members which will fill a role designated by the executive board. The Annual Meeting or may be chosen by the Executive Board at any subsequent meeting of the Executive Board as candidates become available. Board position duties and responsibilities can include, but are not limited to, the following:

3.3. Duties and Responsibilities of Officers:

3.3a. President: The President will be responsible for holding Executive Board meetings and will preside at all meetings of the membership. The President will undertake such actions as necessary in a leadership role directed towards the efficient operating of OSCA and pursuant to carrying out all requirements of the Constitution and these Bylaws, Rules and Policies. The President will act as the official liaison between USCF and OSCA. The President will also act as the official representative promoting and speaking on behalf of OSCA. The President shall undertake to promote communication of OSCA operations and activities through venues and organizing events to be included in regular communications through the Ocean State Chess Association website.

3.3b. Vice-President: The Vice-President shall execute the duties of President in the absence of the President and otherwise assist the President and carry out assignments received from the Executive Board. The Vice-President shall assist the president to perform duties in a timely manner.

3.3c. Treasurer: The Treasurer will be responsible for keeping a record of all funds collected and disbursed by OSCA, including individual tournament results, and for preparing regular financial reports for the Executive Board and presenting the annual report at the general membership meeting. The Treasurer will be responsible for maintaining a checking account (along with the President) in the name of OSCA and performing all duties related thereto. The Treasurer will be responsible for filing and updating non-profit status and tax identification number. The Treasurer shall cooperate with the Secretary in maintaining an up-to-date list of active OSCA members.

3.3d. Secretary: The Secretary will be responsible for carrying out OSCA’s correspondence; setting up Executive Board meeting agendas and reporting the results of said meetings; maintaining an accurate copy of the Bylaws, Rules and policies of OSCA and provide an electronic copy of such Bylaws, Rules and Policies to the Webmaster for posting on the OSCA official Web Site. It will be the primary responsibility of the Secretary with the cooperation of the Treasurer, Webmaster and the Tournament Organizer to maintain an up-to-date list of active OSCA members to the best of his/her ability and to supply a copy of such list by electronic mail and/or paper copy to any other officer requesting such. Additionally, the Secretary will issue a report on OSCA membership status at the annual OSCA membership meeting and election of officers.

3.3e. Tournament Organizer: is responsible for organizing all OSCA sponsored chess tournaments which includes, submitting the tournament design and financial estimates to the Executive Board well in advance of any tournament; finding and contracting in a financially responsible manner of submitting the proper TLA or email blasts when needed. payment to the USCF in a timely manner; and obtaining a USCF qualified Tournament Director and assistant Tournament Director(s) if required (who may receive payment as designated by the Executive Board). The Tournament Organizer shall cooperate with the Secretary in maintaining an up-to-date list of active OSCA members. Moreover, the Executive Board officers will assist and follow the Tournament Organizer’s leadership in setting up and running chess tournaments. The Tournament Organizer shall provide the Executive Board a report on any completed tournament to include site issues and other pertinent information affecting the tournament outcome. The Tournament Organizer will provide a copy of the tournament results, winners, prizes, etc.

3.3f. Newsletter Editor: The Editor will be responsible for compiling and publishing a OSCA Newsletter twice per year, and a minimum of at least once per year. The Ocean State Chess Association should be released in conjunction with the three OSCA’s regularly scheduled chess tournaments. The Newsletter may include advertisements of future events, news about OSCA, results of past events, and any other information the Executive Board decides to include.

3.3g. Webmaster: The Webmaster shall maintain the official OSCA Website, keeping it current in a timely manner: active domain name, active ISP, resolve issues/problems, etc. The Webmaster shall post on the Website such important information, rules and policies if needed; this includes information as may be instructed by the Executive Board; tournament results and any other amenities that the Webmaster believes enhance the OSCA Website provided such are approved by the Executive Board. The Webmaster shall cooperate with the Secretary in maintaining an up-to-date list of active OSCA members. Note: the webmaster does not necessarily have to be a board member, but will encourage the webmaster to regularly give important input that is vital to OSCA success.

3.3h. Members-At-Large: The executive board can pick two (2) members at large who can serve in a role designated by the Executive board.

3.3i. Additional Board members: those members who have paid the required dues for voting rights will be allowed to run for two (2) additional seats on the board of directors. These two board members can attend the annual board meeting held by OSCA. They shall be elected by those voting members who have also paid the designated annual dues required for voting rights

4.1 Suspension or Removal of Board members. An Executive Board member may be suspended or removed with or without cause by a vote of two thirds of corporate members present and voting at a special membership meeting called for that purpose, or with cause by a vote of two thirds of Executive Board members present and voting, or an absolute majority of Executive Board members, whichever is greater, at a regular or special Executive Board meeting.

4.2 The Executive Board may remove by a simple majority any Executive Board member who has missed four consecutive regular board meeting. An Executive Board member may be removed by the Executive Board only after reasonable notice and opportunity to be heard.

4.3. Resignation. An Executive Board member may resign by transmitting his or her written resignation to an executive officer, to a meeting of the members of the Executive Board, or the corporation at its principal office. Such resignation shall be effective upon receipt (unless specified to be effective at some other time) and acceptance thereof shall not be necessary to make it effective unless it so states.

4.4. Vacancies. Any vacancy in the Executive Board may be filled by the members of the Executive Board. Each member shall hold office for the unexpired term or until the successor sooner dies, resigns, is removed, or becomes disqualified. The Executive Board shall have and may exercise all their powers notwithstanding the existence of one or more vacancies in their number.

5.1 USCF Affiliate – The Ocean State Chess Association will maintain its status as a Rhode Island USCF affiliate. Revised – in August 2023, the OSCA Board will make every effort to work with the current R.I. State Affiliate to collaborate on events.

5.2. Contact information, officer lists, and designation of USCF representatives will be regularly updated to USCF, and the Secretary of State of Rhode Island.

5.3. If OCSA becomes the official USCF State Affiliate of Rhode Island (anytime in the future), it will provide U.S. Chess Federation with the name of the Rhode Island Adult & Scholastic state champions which includes yearly Denker, Barber, and Rockefeller representatives from Rhode Island as determined by USCF Rules and OSCA Bylaws. The Executive Board will be designated to determine a “Rhode Island State Champion.” This will be decided and announced based on chess performance at Annual State Delegated Tournaments operated by the USCF state chapter affiliate. This tournament may be an existing tournament specific tournament for the purpose of determining the “State Champion.” The Executive Board will have discretionary authority regarding determination of residency and top performance. Generally, these will be the state of residence listed in USCF records and high score during the selected tournament with USCF tiebreaks. Other champions may be named as deemed appropriate by the Executive Board as a secondary if needed. If OSCA is not the state affiliate, they will not determine a state champions nor fulfil the duties of the official designated RI state chess affiliate chapter.

6.1 Mailing and membership lists:

6.2. The OSCA Executive Board will endeavor to maintain an accurate and complete list of active OSCA members as well as active voting members.

6.3. Membership lists of OSCA, including email addresses, will not be given or sold to any outside person or organization. A statement to this effect shall be posted on the website and added to the online or paper flyer tournament entry forms. Any Email broadcast by OSCA shall give recipients the opportunity to unsubscribe from future emails.

7.1. Policies regarding the conduct of OSCA Tournaments:76.2. OSCA policy is for inclusiveness and to allow all to compete and participate. However, it is expected that everyone will participate in a manner respectful to the rights of all and in the spirit of good sportsmanship and fair play. In addition, some competitions may be limited (i.e. a Closed Championship with entries limited to top ranked players).

7.2. In accord with USCF rules, the tournament director has the unquestioned right to deny participation to anyone for cause. If such denial occurs prior to the start of a tournament, the person rejected shall receive refund of his/her entry fee less $5 for OSCA expenses. If such denial for cause occurs during a tournament, no refund of entry fee will be made.

7.3. To enter any OSCA sponsored chess tournament that will be rated within the USCF rating system, entrants must be prepared to show evidence of current USCF membership.

7.4. Discounted or free entry to prominent or highly ranked chess players may be granted to enhance the experience of a tournament. Other discounts may be granted at the discretion of the Tournament Director and Executive Board (for example: family, member of sponsoring organization, first-time entrant, etc.).

8.1. OSCA Website:

8.2. OSCA will use its website to communicate OSCA activities and information and foster communication within the chess community to promote chess in general.

8.3. It is expected that everyone will be allowed and encouraged to make use of the website and that everyone will participate in a manner respectful to the rights of all.

9.1 OSCA Newsletter:

9.2. OSCA Chess Newsletter and is considered an important tool for providing education and communication to the Rhode Island chess community. OSCA will publish a newsletter with that goal in mind. The method of distribution will be determined by the Executive Board.

9.3. The Executive Board gives editorial independence to the Editor to produce a newsletter in a manner and with content that is respectful to the rights of all.

9.4. Advertising or other revenues derived from the newsletter will become general funds of OSCA

10.1 Tournaments:

10.2. The Executive Board will endeavor to hold, conduct, sponsor and/or endorse chess tournaments.

10.3. Special attention will be paid to USCF requirements for maintaining Affiliate status.

10.4. Special attention will also be paid to regularly holding the following traditional events:

10.4a. The Ocean State Chess Association Adult Championship

10.4b. The Ocean State Chess Association Scholastic Grade K-12 Championship

10.4c. The Ocean State Premier Open and “Pawn Eater” tournaments

10.d. The Ocean State Chess Association Blitz Championship & Bughouse Championship

10.4e. The Ocean State Chess Association Memorial Tournaments such as Max Malyuta Memorial, Paul Taylor Classic Tournament, Gus Gosselin Battleship Tournament, etc,

10.4f. FIDE Quads and special FIDE events whenever possible,

10.4g. The Ocean State Chess Association will attempt to hold an annual Senior Championship, All Girls Championship, Fischer Random Championship, whenever possible

10.4h. OSCA will make every attempt to promote events from other cooperating affiliates organizers as well as other events held in other state such as Massachusetts, Connecticut, etc.

11.1 Tournament Directors

11.2 Current USCF chess tournament directors should make every effort to continue their certifications and obtain a higher level TD certification whenever possible.

11.3 Tournament Directors will be paid a designated amount which will be decided by the Executive board. This includes reimbursement for rating fees, and other additional expenses to promote a tournament event.

12.1 Ocean State Chess Association Scholastic League

12.2 OSCA will organize, manage, and coordinate with other schools to run the Ocean State Scholastic Chess Leagues made up of schools in the State of Rhode Island

12.3 OSCA will organize a High School, Middle School, and Elementary Scholastic Leagues in Rhode Island. It will start after January 1, and competitions should be completed no later than March 31.

12.4 OSCA will collect a small fee from school teams and provide a schedule, rules, coaches list for each league and provide a year-end Blitz-Awards League Championship for all students. Trophies for individuals and teams will be paid for by league fees and will be provided after the leagues end at the end of March for each calendar year.

12.5 OSCA will provide whenever possible, free chess boards, pieces, chess lessons to local coaches and schools in Rhode Island to help build the chess leagues and foster chess playing in schools and USCF rated tournaments